This line of the HARRIS Family arrived in Texas via SIDON H. HARRIS, born on November 12, 1820 in Overton County, Tennessee, and died August 1, 1861. On August 9, 1842 he married AMANDA CAROLINE ATKINSON in Pontotoc County, Mississippi. In 1851 they came to Texas, along with Amanda's parents, SAMUEL WASHINGTON AND NANCY JORDAN ATKINSON, and settled in Webberville, Travis County, Texas. A few years later they moved to Caldwell County, Texas and made their home near what is is now the town of Mendoza, (a few miles from Lytton Springs). On July 4, 1860, Sidon purchased two parcels of land containing 1281 acres from Henry C. Skaggs in the Sampson Connell League. Out of this acreage they set aside 290 acres as their homestead and mortgaged the remaining 991 acres. The land is described in part as;"beginning with League #9 thence with the meanders of the San Antonio Road...."; (Deed Book H of Caldwell County, p. 247 - 250)

According to family tradition, Sidon and Amanda came to Texas to claim part of the Headright lands given to the heirs of his brother John Harris. John came to Texas in 1835 with David Crockett (said to have been his first cousin), to help Texas fight for independence, was in the Siege of Bexar, and went into the Alamo with Crockett, and lost his life there on March 6, 1836. John was a single man aged 23 years at the time of his death. The family tradition is supported by Amelia Williams' thesis "A Critical Study of the Siege of the Alamo and of the Personnel of its Defenders", published in 1933 and 1934. Some of the information came from the papers of Sidon Harris, an Austin attorney and youngest child of Sidon and Amanda. Although this is basically unproven, it remains an integral part of our family tradition.

Sidon and Amanda had 10 children, four of whom were born In Mississippi, the rest in Texas. (See Chart Below).

In 1861, Sidon died, and in May 1862 their 14 year old son Thomas died. In July, 1862, another son, Minor, died. All were buried in the family cemetery (on the homestead). Amanda died in April 1866 and in her will left the 290 homestead to her minor children, with one son, Henry Clay Harris as executor. On December 1, 1882, the last 200 of the Harris estate was sold to W.W. Wright; in the deed record the 'grave yard' is set aside. In part, the deed reads: "Grantors reserve one fourth acre of land of the said two hundred acres to be conveyed as to include the grave yard on said premises, said W.W. Wright also covenant that he will keep the fence enclosing said grave yard in good repair and will also, so bind his grantees should he ever sell such premises".

A large headstone, about six feet tall was erected in one side of the cemetery, and the following seven names were inscribed on the four sides.


First side:

Thomas J. Harris
died May 23, 1862
14 years, 1 mo., 18 days

Minor Harris
died July 9, 1862
3 years, 7 mo.

Third side:

Caroline Harris*
died Nov. 6, 1869
aged 21 days

Robert Harris*
died Dec. 4, 1870
aged 4 days

Second side:

Nancy Atkinson
born March 12, 1792
died June 3, 1871

Fourth side:

Sidon H. Harris
died Aug. 1, 1861
40 yrs., 8 mo., 20 days

Amanda C. Harris
died April 13, 1866
44 yrs., 1 mo, 15 days

*Daughter and son of Henry Clay and Leanah Pollard Harris

A separate stone off to the northwest of the large stone is at the grave of James A. Smith, born March 23, 1834, died August 2, 1884, first husband of Harriett Harris. A large Masonic emblem was at the top of the stone, and according to the records, he was a member of the Lytton Springs Lodge. He was a Confederate Veteran of Company C, 36th Texas Cavalry, Woods Regiment.

In June 1983, 116 acres of the original homestead land (including the cemetery) was sold, and a few months later some of the Harris descendants found that the stones and the fence were missing, with only one tree left to denote the site of what had been the final resting place of several of our ancestors. In September, 1984, 18 Harris and Smith descendants banded together and hired an attorney who filed suit to recover damages for the desecration of the plot. In September 1985 the suit was settled out of court and since that time we have been in the process restoring the fence, having the head stones reconstructed, an access road built, and seeing that the cemetery is cleaned and kept in good condition.

The Harris Family Cemetery was declared a Historical Site by the State of Texas on October 24, 1987. (NOTE: The above information was taken from the program of the Dedication ceremony).

Children of Sidon Harris Harris and Amanda Caroline Atkinson

1 Sidon Harris Harris b: November 12, 1820 in Overton Co., TN d: August 01, 1861 in Lytton Springs. TX Harris Family Cem. (Historical Marker)
. +Amanda Caroline Atkinson b: February 21, 1822 in Franklin Co., Georgia m: August 09, 1842 in Pontotoc Mississippi d: April 14, 1866 in Lytton Springs. TX
... 2 Samuel Washington Harris b: November 29, 1843 in Pontotoc Co. MS d: July 21, 1912 in San Antonio, TX
....... +Rachel Jane Wilson b: October 16, 1848 in MS m: February 28, 1866 in Burleson Co., TX d: June 05, 1924 in Robstown, TX
... 2 Henry Clay Harris b: December 16, 1844 d: August 13, 1923 in Lytton Springs. TX
....... +Leanah Pollard b: April 01, 1850 m: January 15, 1867 in Lockhart TX d: September 12, 1929 in Burried at Lytton Springs Cem

... 2 Nancy Margaret Harris b: August 01, 1846 in Pontotoc, Co., MS d: August 09, 1929 in Williamson Co., TX
....... +Horace Nash Middleton b: Abt 1840 m: November 26, 1861 in Caldwell Co TX d: Abt 1862
... *2nd Husband of Nancy Margaret Harris:
....... +William B Pollard b: September 19, 1833 in Haywood Co, TN m: November 25, 1864 in Caldwell Co., TX d: June 09, 1918 in Willaimson Co., TX
... 2 Thomas Jefferson Harris b: April 06, 1848 in Pontotoc Co. MS d: May 23, 1862 in Caldwell Co TX
... 2 William Alfred Jones Harris b: May 27, 1850 in Lauderdale Co., TN (?) d: June 23, 1896 in Lytton Springs. TX
....... +Nancy Elizabeth Whittington b: September 29, 1850 in Caldwell Co TX m: August 12, 1869 in Caldwell Co TX d: May 21, 1931 in San Antonio, TX
... 2 Melinda Harriet Harris b: March 24, 1854 in Caldwell Co., TX d: April 23, 1952 in Lytton Springs. TX
....... +A.T. Bottoms
... *2nd Husband of Melinda Harriet Harris:
....... +James Alfred Smith b: March 24, 1834 d: August 02, 1884
... 2 Wesley Smith Harris b: September 23, 1854 in Caldwell Co., TX d: June 07, 1930 in Hood Co. TX
....... +Elizabeth Boatwright m: July 02, 1882 in Caldwell Co TX d: Unknown in Caldwell Co TX
... 2 Johnnie Applewhite Harris b: November 22, 1856 in Caldwell Co., TX d: January 12, 1894 in Lytton Springs, Caldwell Co., TX
... 2 Minor Harris b: December 09, 1858 d: July 09, 1862 in Caldwell Co., TX Harris Family Cemetery
... 2 Sidon J. Harris III b: November 13, 1860 in Caldwell Co., TX d: January 16, 1926 in San Antonio, TX..burried in Austin, TX
....... +Mary Lee Horton b: October 26, 1867 d: December 31, 1941
... *2nd Wife of Sidon J. Harris III:
....... +Mary Lucy Storey b: June 04, 1864 in Caldwell Co TX m: December 05, 1882 d: May 26, 1902 in Austin, TX